A Future for Nang Htun

Nang Htun comes from the Loi Tai Leng refugee camp on the border with the northern Thai province of Mae Hong Son. Her family came from inside Shan State (Burma) as refugees. She has a little brother.

Due to an insufficiently treated eye infection, she is almost completely blind. The girl had not been able to attend school in the refugee camp and was unable to receive any support or training for a life without sight.

When she was introduced to us at the end of 2007, the then nine-year-old girl looked completely desperate because she was denied participation in the life of her peers and blindness progressed rapidly.

With the help of volunteer supporters in Chiang Mai, the foundation was able to organize suitable accommodation in a boarding school for the blind, “The Northern School for the Blind under the Patronage of Her Majesty the Queen” in Chiang Mai. Htun has blossomed in her new environment and enthusiastically participates in the class. She learned Thai very quickly and integrated well.

The girl will supported by the foundation until the end of her education.