About Thailife

The Thailife Foundation is a registered charity Foundation according to German law.

The goals of the foundation are:

  • To support the education of poor children and young adults in Thailand and at the Thai-Burma border, irrespective of their ethnic or religious identity
  • To support Healthcare and Community Development projects in poor rural communities on both sides of the Thai-Burma border
  • To support and promote non-government organizations (NGO) that are providing education, healthcare and shelter for poor children, refugees and migrants in Thailand and in the Thai-Burma border areas. This support can include donations, consulting and media services and finding new donors and supporters through networking


Thailife Foundation is not affiliated to any political party, political ideology or  religion.

As we are a small organization we believe in networking and  cooperation. Our special focus is on women’s and child’s rights.

Thailife Foundation’s realizes its goals by:

  • Providing grants to talented schoolchildren in Thailand or Burma regardless of their social background or ethnicity. The funding will focus on those candidates who may be potential “multipliers” due to their training or career aspirations, whether as teachers, journalists, artists or employees of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the field of training and development.
  • Funding and supporting of organizations and projects that are active in Thailand and Burma in the field of education and development, especially through Consultation, Public relations and by arranging contacts with potential supporters and sponsors


Thailife foundation guarantees that all donations will be used 100% for its projects and grants. Administrative costs are kept to a minimum and are funded by the founders of the foundation or our sponsors. The work of the board is done on a voluntary basis and without reimbursement of costs.

The Thailife Foundation will endeavor to be as transparent as possible. The activities and scholarship holders will be reported regularly on our website.

> Constitution of the Thailife Foundation (German)
> Registration Document of the Foundation (German)


The origins of Thailife Foundation

The Thailife Foundation developed from the work of the Internet website thailife.de, founded in 1999. thailife.de was a non-commercial internet portal for the Thai-German community and all those who are interested in Thai topics and Thai culture.

Right from the start it was one of Thailife’s concerns to report on charity projects in Thailand and to promote initiatives that support such projects in the German-speaking world.

Over the course of time, these activities have resulted in diverse contacts to projects in Thailand and to non-profit funding associations in Germany.

The Thailife Foundation was founded at the end of 2002 to be able to support projects for education and training more effectively and with a long-term perspective. The foundation was set up under the rules and regulations of the German foundation law. Initially equipped with low start-up capital, the foundation was designed for long-term growth.

After the infrastructure of the new foundation was built up in 2003 and the first income and donations were received, the first education grants where  awarded at the end of 2003.

If you would like to support the work of the Thailife Foundation, you can do so through a donation  (tax-deductible in Germany) or through an endowment.

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thailife.de ceased to exist as a Thai-German Community Portal end of 2013.

But it was transformed under the same name into a Thai language Magazine for the Thais living in Germany and the neighboring countries, also called D-Magazine