Warm Winter Cloths and Blankets

Thailife  Foundation bought warm winter cloths and blankets for the students of  Schools of Hope in Ban Nong Ook. Thousands of refugees from the ethnic group of the Shan live in the border region between Thailand and Burma. They flee from the civil war in Burma and the human rights violations that come along with […]

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Warm blankets and clothes for Loi Lam

As winter from November to February is definitely cold in the mountain areas of the northern provinces of Thailand and Shan State, blankets and warm clothes are a necessity for children of Loi Lam. Loi Lam is a small internally displaced people’s village inside Shan State, opposite to Thailand’s Chiang Mai province. Shan villagers fled […]

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The Tai of Shan State by Sao Noan Oo – A different Shan History

A lot of Shan histories and chronicles have been written by a lot of people. Few among those are the Shans themselves. Even so, there are fewer who write in English.

One of them is Sao Noan Oo of Lawksawk, a former princely state in today’s Shan State.

Compared to most others, she does not write it as a chronology of events, but rather as a study of how Shans ruled, made their living and enjoyed themselves.

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