Library Project making good progress

Against all difficulties caused by the unstable situation on the Thai border with Shan State (Burma), our Library project for the 800 students of Loi Tai Leng is making good progress.

The structure of the building – basement, walls, windows and roof construction – is finished. In the next phase, the interior walls and the floor will be cemented and the ceiling will be built. After that, the bookshelves, tables and benches will be build and library will be prepared for usage.

Some delays were caused because during the so-called elections in Burma in December 2010 the Thai-Burma border checkpoints were closed for three weeks. Most materials and construction equipment such as cement, sand, bricks and windows have to be ordered in Thailand and transported to the construction site which is located in a high mountain area.

Our special thanks go to Dr. Inger-Lise Bjorkelid who supported the project with 50,000 Thai Baht and Sao Noan Oo who helped with a donation of 500 UK pounds.