The Tai of Shan State by Sao Noan Oo – A different Shan History

A lot of Shan histories and chronicles have been written by a lot of people. Few among those are the Shans themselves. Even so, there are fewer who write in English.

One of them is Sao Noan Oo of Lawksawk, a former princely state in today’s Shan State.

Compared to most others, she does not write it as a chronology of events, but rather as a study of how Shans ruled, made their living and enjoyed themselves.

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Thailife Foundation’s first Activities started

Thailife Foundation grants – depending on the funds available – individual education support or project grants for education projects. In December 2003, the activities of the foundation started with our first individual grant and our support for a kindergarten on the Thai-Burma border. The funds for the refugee kindergarten were largely raised through donations. We […]

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Ein Schlaglicht auf Burmas Politik der ‘Lizenz zur Vergewaltigung’ (Press Release / German)

‘Sexuelle Übergriffe sind Teil der Strategie der burmesischen Junta und werden von ihr als Kriegswaffe gegen die Shan verwendet’ Die UN Kommission für Menschenrechte hat die internationale Aufmerksamkeit auf die systematischen Vergewaltigungen von Frauen in Shan Staat durch burmesische Regierungstruppen gelenkt.  Der viel diskutierte Bericht “Lizenz zur Vergewaltigung” stand ganz oben auf der Tagesordnung der […]

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